Dubai and the UAE – The amazing place

I’ve just spent two weeks in Dubai and the neighboring Emirates and I discovered an amazing booming country … Amazing because of its history: 50 years ago, this place was only the desert.     Amazing because of the speed of construction: there are roadworks everywhere and new buildings are popping up like mushrooms out […]

Take vacation, it’s good for the business

The winter school vacation are just over here in France. It was a good time to take a week off with my family to go skiing in the Alps. A lot of sport, a lot of sleep and a lot of fresh air … People often say that one week skiing is worth two weeks […]

It has been quite some time …

It has been quite some time I’ve been thinking of opening this blog. I’ve always loved writing and sharing my experience to others. This might come from my education with a Mom who is a teacher and always loved sharing her knowledge with her students. I also had many great teachers in my life when […]