It has been quite some time …

It has been quite some time I’ve been thinking of opening this blog. I’ve always loved writing and sharing my experience to others.

This might come from my education with a Mom who is a teacher and always loved sharing her knowledge with her students. I also had many great teachers in my life when I was a student, great artists when I played the piano, great masters when I practiced karate for years. We can only grow when learning from others and one day, it is your turn to share what you have learned for so many years combined with what you have acquired from your own experience.

Over the past years, when I was running my own startup company specialized in social network and digital marketing, I had a great mentor who took time to share his expertise and gave me very valuable advice. This never was about telling me what to do, this always was about leaving me to my role of manager, this was my own call. Over time, we became very good friends. He is a notorious Business Angel in France and he let me have a tribune on his blog. I wrote there many articles including one on “How much to get paid as an entrepreneur ?” that has ranked in the top views for the past 4 years.

As my company was getting a lot of articles in the press due to rapid growth of the social community we were  building, I discovered the world of journalists and felt very comfortable with this activity. We even got shows on TV, at the beginning on small regional TV channels and then on a national one in off-peak hour and eventually, after a few other broadcast, we reached the Holy Grail with 3 minutes on national news on the largest French TV channel. The impact was so immediate and huge that we saw lights of our servers turning to dark red … a lot of stress but such a satisfaction and good memories. For those who don’t know, journalists never tell you when you are going to be broadcast, so you get your adrenaline shot when you see your website traffic blowing the sky.

I thought then it was the right time for me to open a tribune on one the largest news website dedicated to Net startups and IT trends. If you can read French, you can read my last articles on the Stéphane Castellani’s tribune on Journal du Net. My articles got good impact on audience, I could see  them inserted many times in the bi-weekly national newsletter and I got many friends of mine sending me a short memo that they saw my article and were encouraging me to continue.

Having an expert tribune on these national web sites is great because you don’t need to care of anything except writing (technology is there, marketing is there) but as a digital marketing guy, I’ve been missing two things: first, my liberty of style and content that is sometimes not sticking to well to formal writing guidelines; second, my “Google Analytics” account to follow traffic growth, SEO ranking, social media impact, direct engagement with visitors, advertising performance … this was my daily companion for quite a while and I realize I’ve let him down since I sold my company and joined a large software vendor as a digital expert keen on APIs and middleware technologies.

Today is the D day when I decide to execute what has been up in my mind for some time and not wait any longer before starting a new journey on the Web with my blog, humble and with a desire to share my personal view on the world.