Ideas to scale your sales enablement activities

As product marketer, part of your job is to develop sales enablement tactics and activities.

The problem is that your time is limited and your worldwide role makes it difficult to address each region separately. Moreover, in the digital word, organizing face-to-face training sessions are no longer the most efficient way because:

  • The sales force is mostly distributed across the different countries, which makes it difficult and expensive to organize global face-to-face group meetings.
  • Sales reps have their own business agenda and this is always difficult to get them into the same room.
  • Their attention span is also limited, especially if this is about pushing new information requiring limited interaction.

So what tools are good for your sales enablement activities?

First, put in place a Sales Portal on your Intranet or internal social network. This point is crucial to me, as a good sales portal will have a tremendous impact on the quality and efficiency of your sales enablement. Make sure your sales portal is easily accessible from outside the company and via mobile – as sales reps are often on the move. Define activity tracking dashboards with KPIs such as number of views a day, user engagement, ratio of returning visitors, number of asset views and downloads ….

Then, implement a LMS – Learning Management System – with help from your marketing ops team. Once again, select a LMS  that is accessible from outside the company and via mobile. You will upload there a sales certification program for new hires, release update trainings, market and competition updates … My strategy is to upload there only long-life assets and prefer the sales portal for more ephemeral assets. The advantage of the LMS is that you are able to enroll sales teams and track course activity at the individual level, resulting  in some good reporting for sales Executives.

The last sales enablement tactic that scales well and that I love is your product blog. This blog can be internal but I prefer the public one. Why? Because we live in a connected world where communication is king and the role of Product marketer has evolved to a thought leader and evangelist role. My recommendation: write blog posts on your public product blog and share them with your sales teams for them to read and improve their skills. That’s actually what I’m doing on the ApiFriends blog.

And you, what’s your strategy to scale your sales enablement activities?

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