How to be a strong performer in cold calling ?

I’d like to share with you today an interesting ebook available for download on

Cold Calling Tips and Million Dollar Sales Prospecting Secrets

You can also watch the video recording of the webinar:

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We can read 9 top tips for a successful cold call:

  1. Have the right attitude: you must feel you can sell anyone on any deal in any situation
  2. Believe in your product: if you don’t believe in the product you’re selling, each time you pick up the phone, you’ll become increasingly unconvincing and robotic.
  3. Be persistent: a study mentions that on average, reps give up after only 1.3 contact attempts. This is definitely not enough. Advice is to keep trying until you get the person on the phone.
  4. Master the pitch: you need to know the goal of your call. What do you want to get ? Use scripts to help you through the discussion.
  5. The big claim: “Your claim must become a hook that sinks so deep in the client that it literally creates a picture they can’t erase.” It has to be something that your prospect cannot ignore and that your competitors cannot imitate.
  6. Gains and losses: with every call, you have everything to gain, nothing to loose.
  7. The best value: you have to believe and understand why you have the best value, regardless of price.
  8. Respect your prospect: useful tip to remember when you spend your whole day calling people and you got a lot of negative answers.
  9. Diversify: never depend on one call. You need a lot of calls to be successful. If you feel disappointed or rejected, this is because you didn’t do enough calls to feel successful.

The “big claim”: that’s the piece where you can get the most of your Product Marketing team. Invite them to visit existing customers and prospects. They will help you measure benefits provided by the solution and metrics to calculate an ROI and financial gains and summarize them in a script you can leverage for your cold calls.

You can also learn in the ebook 7 contacting rules for Cold Calling Success:

  1. Timeliness: you must get back to hot leads coming to your web site in less than 5 minutes, leading to you 21 times greater odds to reach that person. The average time for a sales person is 39 hours today …
  2. Persistency: you are wrong assuming that a contact is not interested if he doesn’t answer right away. Most people are just busy. Sales reps who make at least 6 call attempts (against an average of 1,3) have 90% chance of reaching their prospect.
  3. Time of the day: 114% greater chance to reach a contact when calling early in the mornings (8-9am) or late afternoons (4-6pm).
  4. Day of the week: Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days for sales prospecting (50% more likely to reach a contact on Wednesdays than Tuesdays).
  5. Optimal times: every industry, market and channel has optimal times to contact the audience, adjust to it.
  6. Direct-dial phone numbers: Avoid the front desk as much as you can. Sales reps who find a way to go around the receptionist have 3 times as many meeting per month.
  7. Caller ID: Avoid calling with toll-free numbers or long-distance numbers, you will look like a telemarketing agency and your contact won’t answer the phone. The study shows that the odds of someone picking up a local phone number are 57.8% higher than a non-local phone number.

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