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Top 15 tips for building a successful software trial

As a software vendor, you might be thinking of making your product available for trial.

Here are the top 15 tips to make it the most successful:

Tip#1: Identify the main drivers

main driver Don’t just copy your competitors and decide to go this way for the only reason they do it. It’s important to understand why it took you so much time to go this way and what are the current main drivers.

  • Do your prospects keep asking for trying your software and do your sales have internal difficulties to fulfill the request ?
  • Does your marketing team need a stronger call to action for their campaigns, something more appealing than data sheets or white papers?
  • Any other reason?


Tip#2: Quantify the expected outcomes

outcomeOpening your product for trial is not a goal, it’s just a mean. What do you want to achieve with that ? Try to quantify the outcomes of such a project:

  • Number of trials initiated by sales reps/direct campaigns/indirect campaigns?
  • Conversion ratio to opportunities?
  • Size of expected pipeline?


Tip#3: Build the cross-functional project team

cross_functionalAs the project will involve different departments in your organization (web site, traffic acquisition, lead nurturing, product marketing, sales, presales), build a cross-functional project team to be aligned with the objectives, resources and planning. Inform your top management about the project and ask support from them in case of sudden difficulties.



Tip#4: Give an online access

onlineAs all new modern software are now internet based, install your product on a dedicated server or on the cloud to access it with a dedicated public url.

If you expected your prospects to download the binaries of your solution or a virtual image in order to test it, simply forget it, this time is over.


Tip#5: Give a free access

freeThe trial is aimed at letting people discover your solution, do not even think of charging for it or your initiative will turn into a disaster.




Tip#6: Limit the access in time

sandglassA trial access should not last for ever. The goal is to get people test your solution and want to engage further, either with your sales team or with a subscription plan. If no deadline is defined, there will be no reason for your prospects to test your solution rapidly, they will simply forget about it.





Tip#7: Focus on your top features

Best-of-the-BestIt is like a first date, show your best assets and hide the rest. Your trial users won’t never blame you for that and they might not even notice it as the average time for an active trial evaluation is often less than 10min.





Tip#8: Activate the account immediately

Yoactivateu might want to send a confirmation email to make sure the email is valid and you can add it into your marketing conversion campaign. However, think that many emails directly land into the “spam” folder or take sometimes a few minutes to be delivered (if your email provider has congestion). If clicking on the link in this email is the only way to access your solution, the risk is too high for the potential lead to disengage.

While sending the email, I suggest you to also display a confirmation page with a direct link to access your trial. I experienced that if users don’t want to fill their real email address, this doesn’t mean they are not interested in your product or want to hide, it’s just that they don’t want to be spammed with lots of your emails.

If you want people to trust you with their real email address, you will get better result by adding an explicit text telling that you won’t be sending them emails if they don’t optin by checking the box in the form (and make sure you don’t break your promise).

Tip#9: Don’t be afraid of spies

spy-eyeIf you think you should reject generic email addresses like gmail or addresses of your competitors, I don’t think this is the best move.

If your competitors really want to access your solution, they will find a way to access it easily. They can just create an email on a tier-2 email provider or simply create a fake domain for a few dollars.

Don’t be afraid of showing you have the best product on the market. Be proud of it and shout loud. Besides, better keep a close eye on your competitors than having them away!


#10: Focus on the user experience

user_experienceThink yourself in the user’s shoes. What would you expect if you are trying to use the solution “for dummies” ?

Everything should be intuitive. Think of user being kept busy with many other things (emails, phone calls, sms …), how can you make sure they get the best value and experience of your solution within just a few minutes ? Once the user disengages, it becomes really difficult to have him back, even with well tuned email reminders.


Tip#11: Publish videos

video_turorialIn terms of documentation, I recommend using short video tutorials. Ideally, they should not last more than 3 minutes. If they last too long, split them into multiple parts.

Prepare the scripts before recording the video and adopt a similar structure for all of them to be consistent in your message.

I recommend you to also post interesting promotion videos about events, corporate message, expert interview …



Tip#12: Activate an online support

Chat computer key.An online support is extremely important to me. It gives assistance to the user while manipulating your product. That’s the best time to engage conversation.

There are today very interesting tools on the market to engage with users through a simple chat window: SnapEngage, UserLike, LiveChat … Take time to select the best solution for your organization. Personally, I like following features:

  • Discrete window (but visible)
  • Auto detection when the user gets lost or idle, opening the chat window automatically
  • Creation of a dynamic pool of people to answer incoming requests
  • Plugin into Skype, no need to activate any other product.
  • Fallback to email when nobody is available for chat

Tip#13: Define a clear call to action in your trial

A red button with the words Act Now on itHaving people use your trial is good but not the goal. You need to turn them into qualified prospects ! Define a clear call to action for trial users to engage more. A good strategy is ask a few things that do not give the feeling of too much engagement. Goal at this stage is to transition from the user liking your product to the user liking your customer service.


Tip#14: Have your marketing machine ready

marketing-machineMany people will sign in for your trial but they won’t have time to spend much time on it. Make sure you have the right digital marketing machine in place to turn those leads into opportunities.

  • Notification emails are sent according to user’s activity: welcome email, tutorial email (D+1), inactivity email (D+3, D+5), end-of-trial-period email (D-5, D-1, D).
  • Information emails with suggestions.

Show you understand the profile of your prospect, never push unrelated content.

Tip#15: Be mobile-ready

If yourresponsive_design solution is not responsive designed, think of adding this capability asap. This applies even if your solution is mainly used on desktop (enterprise software for example). Why? Because people are the most available to try your solution when they are away from the office – on business trip or commuting in public transportation. Once back to the office, life goes on as usual with every daily priorities and emergencies.

If you don’t believe me on this, just think I wrote most part of this article in the train on my way to the office. Once there, I just had a few minutes available to finish it before the rush of the day.


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