Take vacation, it’s good for the business

The winter school vacation are just over here in France. It was a good time to take a week off with my family to go skiing in the Alps.


A lot of sport, a lot of sleep and a lot of fresh air … People often say that one week skiing is worth two weeks in the Caribbean islands. Even if we can’t deny this statement from the financial perspective, the fact of taking some fresh air with an increased production of the red blood cells is definitely worth it. Without mentioning the nice Savoyard restaurants and the walks, theĀ  station village and the joy of your kids to get their ski medal at the end of their week of ski lessons.

When you come back, your are fully reloaded, full of vital energy. Vital energy is extremely important to me, I need to keep it flowing to feel alive and undertake new projects. I preserve this energy with good sleep and regular sport activity during the year but nothing compares to a full week of skiing downhill.



Taking vacation is not just leaving your work for a while. I have actually never stopped working in my whole life, I think it’s part of my brain structure. But this is mostly about getting away from the daily trouble, from all the noise that pollutes your brain and pump out your energy. The state of your life is the state of your mind, so it’s worth taking some break to regenerate it nicely.



It’s also a matter of new perspective. While going to a remote place, you meet new landscape, new people and make new activities, that changes your daily routine and gives you full new perspective when you return.


While I was running my own company in the past few years, I realized that the best ideas I got and the best decisions I took for my business happened when I was on vacation. This is about letting your brain loose and let it work for you as a background task without you even noticing it. There was a huge progress over the past years in neurosciences and the way our brain is working is simply amazing. Look at the ideas you often get while you sleep … I experience the same on vacation.



So take some vacation, it’s good for the business! The most difficult experience I think is the first day when you return and need to process all emails you got while you were away. Good luck with that !



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